LASIK Age Requirements

There are many considerations to consider when looking at LASIK for your vision correction needs. The FDA approved the lasers for Custom LASIK for use on people over 18 years old and there is really no upper limit on receiving surgery. Your overall health and the health and condition of your eye are best determined by a qualified laser eye specialist. Read more

Jobs That May Require LASIK

There are many occupations that require good vision, such as airplane pilots, professional sports, and astronauts to name a few. Unfortunately, many people suffer from vision problems that may put these careers out of reach. Glasses and contacts may help, but they are bulky and unreliable under the rigors these jobs demand. Read more

Reading Glasses versus LASIK

One of the surest signs of aging is when you can no longer read the pages of a book or a computer screen easily without moving your head or holding your arms stretched out in front of your face. At some point in your life, you may suffer from aged eyes, scientifically known as presbyopia. Presbyopia may occur by itself as your eyes age, or may appear in conjunction with other vision problems like hyperopia or even myopia, which are caused by changes in the shape of the eye. Read more

Spider Vein Treatment

The removal of ugly purple tentacle-shaped blemishes is rarely a medical necessity and can easily be removed through today’s laser technology. Spider vein treatment is a safe, non-invasive procedure requiring no general anesthesia and is virtually pain-free.

Laser Procedure for Spider Veins

There are several options for spider vein treatment. Most of them utilize the use of a laser beam. A highly concentrated beam of light passes through the skin sending pulses of energy on the target without causing any damage to surrounding tissue. As the problem area absorbs the light, the vein heats up and shrinks eventually disappearing completely. No incisions or injections are necessary. The treatment can take as little as 20 minutes depending on the severity and size of the affected area. More than one session may be necessary to completely eliminate all spider veins.

Laser Vein Removal Recovery

Patients can expect some mild swelling in the treated area for a few days after the procedure. Compression stockings can aid in a speedier recovery. There may be some minor bruising which will fade continuously for a week or two. Many patients can resume normal activities almost immediately.

Laser Vein Removal Results

Although laser therapy many not correct all imperfections of the problem areas, overall the results will be significant. Veins will fade either significantly or completely, resulting in a more uniform and youthful appearance.

If you’re in the San Diego, California area and are interested in eliminating your spider veins, please come see the cosmetic laser specialists at Advanced Eye & Laser Center of California, Inc. Let our highly qualified staff bring out the best in you.

Why an Ophthalmologist Could or Should Do Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery)

Many people believe the eyes are the most important features of the face. Most people notice your eyes before any other part of your body since that is where your character shines through. A skilled eye surgeon knows more about the functions and a potential disorder of your whole eye than anyone else does, including sagging and drooping eyelids. There is no reason you cannot entrust blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, to your ophthalmologist. After all, nobody knows your eyes as well. Read more

Why Haven’t You Had LASIK?

People are great procrastinators, even when doing something can help improve their lives. Custom LASIK surgery has proven effective since its introduction to improve vision for millions of people worldwide, but some people just haven’t considered it yet. There may be many reasons why you haven’t had LASIK yet, but here are a few reasons why you should.
Read more