Do I Want Bladeless LASIK ?

The question should be: Why wouldn’t you want Bladeless IntraLase LASIK?

Welcome to the new generation of LASIK flap creation! This femtosecond laser technology also known as IntraLase is the latest, most technologically advanced method of flap creation available in ophthalmology today. If you are familiar with the steps of the LASIK procedure, you know that before the VISX STAR S4 laser reshapes the myopic, hyperopic, or astigmatic cornea, a thin corneal flap must be created and lifted back to allow the surgeon access to the internal cornea. Before the incredible bladeless method was invented, the LASIK eye surgeon had to use a handheld instrument called a microkeratome to create the corneal flap. Because a cutting process was needed to make the flap, there were additional potential complications that patients using the bladeless method don’t face.

A highly sophisticated femtosecond laser technology, is used in place of the microkeratome blade. This all-laser, bladeless method allows Dr. Huynh to create a precise corneal flap without the risks unique to blade use. The amazing accuracy and precision of this femtosecond laser also allows Dr. Huynh to be more conservative in the flap creation process — less tissue is lifted, allowing for less discomfort and quicker healing.

For many patients, the adoption of the Bladeless IntraLase LASIK procedure has made a world of difference – if you have been hesitant to consider laser vision correction out of anxiety due to the use of a blade, you may have an easier time trusting our high-tech laser to deliver great results.

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