Iris Registration

You may have heard some talk about the LASIK technology known as "iris registration." If you are considering having the LASIK procedure performed, you should familiarize yourself with this new LASIK component and most definitely choose a LASIK surgeon who offers it.

An important element in CustomVue LASIK, iris registration allows for an even more precise Wavefront mapping process to occur. As you may know, Wavefront reads and converts minute details about your cornea into data that the laser uses to customize your treatment.

Now, with iris registration technology added to Wavefront, the mapping process is further enhanced for a custom laser reshaping process that is simply unparalleled in terms of accuracy. Basically, iris registration refers to the way the excimer laser treats the eye, and how it goes about finding the right corneal alignment. With the help of iris registration, the laser can be lined up more precisely for a dead-on target of the dysfunctional cornea.

In addition to being just one more way CustomVue LASIK is improving the procedure for men and women, iris registration may also help decrease negative side effects and increase the overall quality of vision, including reducing glare and halos and improving clarity.

If Custom LASIK is such a great procedure to begin with, why is iris registration needed to enhance it? Because with any procedure, there is always some degree of potential complication. And as LASIK technology continues to advance, researchers will constantly be looking to minimize the window of risk. So, can you benefit from iris registration? If you were offered the possibility of not only having clear vision, but a better shot at achieving perfect vision, wouldn’t you want this technology put to work for you?

Dr. Huynh is one of the few San Diego eye surgeons to take Custom LASIK one step further and adopt this brand new technology. If you are considering having LASIK vision correction, learn more about this added safety feature during a free clear vision consultation.

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