Jobs That May Require LASIK

There are many occupations that require good vision, such as airplane pilots, professional sports, and astronauts to name a few. Unfortunately, many people suffer from vision problems that may put these careers out of reach. Glasses and contacts may help, but they are bulky and unreliable under the rigors these jobs demand.

Glasses frequently fall off, get dusty, or become misplaced. Contacts are somewhat better, but losing one during an intense activity can cause serious complications. A better option, and more permanent option, is vision correction with Custom LASIK surgery, the latest in laser eye surgery.

LASIK is used to correct most vision problems experienced by most people, including:


Even if you are not seeking a career in a high performance type field, you can also improve your vision and finally get rid of your glasses or contact lenses. LASIK can improve your vision if you drive trucks, play golf, or even teach school without the headache of eyeglasses.

To find out more about how LASIK surgery may be able to help you improve your vision to pursue the career you always wanted, please contact Advanced Eye & Laser Center of California, Inc. and schedule an initial consultation.

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