LASIK Age Requirements

There are many considerations to consider when looking at LASIK for your vision correction needs. The FDA approved the lasers for Custom LASIK for use on people over 18 years old and there is really no upper limit on receiving surgery. Your overall health and the health and condition of your eye are best determined by a qualified laser eye specialist.

Some considerations that Dr. Huynh will discuss during your consultation include:

Healthy corneas
Thick enough corneas
Good general health

Your eyes continue to change through out your life. Young eyes are not fully developed and might change after LASIK surgery, which might require future vision correction in just a few short years. In some cases, a physician may conclude that an eye is developed enough that LASIK is beneficial.

The FDA does allow what they call off-label consideration for patients younger than 18 if the surgeon determines that LASIK would be beneficial. Some pediatric patients under age 18 have seen good results after the LASIK procedure.

As you age, other eye conditions may preclude LASIK surgery. If you have glaucoma or macular degeneration, which are typically age related eye disorders, would contraindicate LASIK surgery.

Southern California eye surgeon, Dr. Huynh is qualified to evaluate your eyes to see if LASIK would be beneficial. To find our more, please contact Advanced Eye & Laser Center of California, Inc. today and schedule an appointment.

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