Reading Glasses versus LASIK

One of the surest signs of aging is when you can no longer read the pages of a book or a computer screen easily without moving your head or holding your arms stretched out in front of your face. At some point in your life, you may suffer from aged eyes, scientifically known as presbyopia. Presbyopia may occur by itself as your eyes age, or may appear in conjunction with other vision problems like hyperopia or even myopia, which are caused by changes in the shape of the eye.

Most people deal with near vision problems by going to the corner drugstore and getting a pair of reading glasses. The presence of presbyopia in addition to your other vision problems may require the use of bifocal lenses. That option is fine for some people, but advancement in laser eye surgery have made Custom LASIK surgery a desirable option for many who want to give up on reading glasses or bifocal lenses.

The first LASIK procedure was performed in 1998 and since then, millions of people have benefited from the surgery. In most cases, though not all, people are finally able to give up their reading glasses.

Presbyopia is a hardening or stiffening of the natural lens of your eye. When this happens, your eye no longer accommodates, or focuses effectively and corrective measures must be taken. LASIK cannot correct this vision problem and you may end up with glasses later in life.

To find out about LASIK and how it can help you get rid of your reading glasses, please contact Advanced Eye & Laser Center of California, Inc. to schedule an initial consultation.

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