Choose the ReZoom multifocal intraocular lens following cataract surgery to achieve clear vision at both near and far distances. Unlike single-vision lens implants, ReZoom allows you to switch between varying distances without compromising quality of vision.

The ReZoom Difference

ReZoom is an intraocular lens made of soft plastic – it is unique in that it offers cataract patients the opportunity to see clearly at all distances, whereas many other IOLs may offer either single-distance clarity, or may offer clarity at near and far distances, without intermediate distance clarity. ReZoom ‘s patented design has helped thousands of Californians regain the freedom that comes with getting the best view at all distances following cataract surgery. ReZoom is implanted into the eye with care following the removal of the cloudy lens during cataract surgery. ReZoom mimics the eye’s natural lens, working with bifocal capabilities.

Cataract patients who choose ReZoom can look forward to consistently seamless vision accommodation. Unlike other brands, ReZoom works independently of the eye muscles and is able to focus in a variety of challenging vision situations. ReZoom allows patients to do many activities that were not previously possible with cataracts, or even single-vision artificial lenses. The “dual lenses” can be used in activities like swimming, driving, reading fine print, and sightseeing without bifocals or reading glasses!

If you are considering cataract surgery, consider the ReZoom IOL. After a thorough eye evaluation with Dr. Huynh and our skilled vision team, you may be ready to take that next step toward clear vision. ReZoom may be effective for cataract patients with or without presbyopia, and the implanted lens is designed to provide permanent correction.

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