Sclerotherapy FAQs

If you’ve noticed those colorful lines showing up just under the skin’s surface on your ankles, thighs, face, or other body areas, you’re not alone! Spider veins are a common occurrence, especially in women over age 30 and women who have undergone pregnancy. At Advanced Eye & Laser Center of California, Inc., Dr. Huynh and his San Diego aesthetic team offer advanced treatment for spider veins with sclerotherapy and the GentleYAG Laser.

Sclerotherapy is a popular method of spider vein removal that can make most of your spider veins disappear. It works with the help of a special solution glycerine and lidocaine that Dr. Huynh injects directly into the spider veins. The solution causes distress to the vein lining, causing the vein to collapse and fade away. With each treatment, the vein will continue to fade from view. Eventually, the vein becomes scar tissue and should not be visible through the skin.

Sclerotherapy is a relatively quick outpatient procedure, lasting an average of 30 minutes to an hour. A local anesthetic is used to minimize discomfort, and a very fine needle is used for the injection process. The procedure will be customized to your needs, depending on the amount and size of spider veins you wish to eliminate. You can expect to see results in under 6 weeks for small to medium-sized spider veins, and under 4 months for larger veins.

Most of our patients seeking freedom from spider veins find success with sclerotherapy. Remember that it may take several sessions to see encouraging results, and that spider vein treatment won’t prevent new spider veins from popping up. Dr. Huynh may recommend sclerotherapy, laser treatment, or a combination of both sclerotherapy and laser treatment, to give you optimal results.

Learn more about spider vein treatment with sclerotherapy and how you can have more attractive skin just a few weeks after treatment. If you are in San Diego, La Jolla, Mira Mesa, and Scripps Ranch, call or email Dr. Huynh and his team to schedule your free sclerotherapy consultation.