What is all this hype about Wavefront LASIK? Is it really that different from the traditional LASIK procedure that has helped millions of Americans, and how is it superior? Dr. Huynh and his vision correction team can answer all your questions about Custom LASIK, Bladeless IntraLase LASIK, and LASIK technology.

In theory, every LASIK procedure is customized to the patient’s vision specifications. However, Wavefront LASIK takes traditional LASIK to a whole new level with a superior degree of personalization and precision.

Custom LASIK is Wavefront-guided, meaning that this incredible technology rooted in astronomy uses sophisticated mapping software to analyze the eye data. This Wavefront map data is fed to our VISX STAR S4 laser for a highly customized laser corneal reshaping. This volume of information about the eye’s unique structure and corneal makeup far exceeds any previous methods of eye analysis and allows Dr. Huynh to minimize risk of error through very precise measurements.

Wavefront diagnostic technology also lets Dr. Huynh detect the fine corneal aberrations for the best possible refractive surgery result. The technology used in Wavefront LASIK is simply unparalleled and grants us exceptionally high safety standards.

Custom LASIK vs. traditional LASIK can be thought of as two different types of road maps: one may list all the highways and main roads, but the other shows every side street and byway. If you are traveling somewhere you’ve never been, wouldn’t you choose the map with more detail?

Learn more about our technology, CustomVue LASIK, and Bladeless IntraLase – LASIK.

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