Why Haven’t You Had LASIK?

People are great procrastinators, even when doing something can help improve their lives. Custom LASIK surgery has proven effective since its introduction to improve vision for millions of people worldwide, but some people just haven’t considered it yet. There may be many reasons why you haven’t had LASIK yet, but here are a few reasons why you should.

The safety and efficacy of LASIK equipment is regulated by the FDA. The doctors themselves are not regulated by the FDA. However, they are usually board certified and are members of medical associations that ensure that they are adequately trained to use the excimer laser condition.

There are more than one million LASIK patients every year. More than 50% of patient’s vision improves report vision improvement to 20/20 with almost 93% attaining 20/40 vision, which is good enough to pass most state driver’s license testing. The vast majority of patients are satisfied with their results and would choose to undergo the procedure again.

With LASIK vision correction, you may be able to get rid of your glasses. Of course, as you age, your vision may change again, but for many people eyeglasses and contacts are no longer necessary.

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